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About Us

Thomas M. Couch Sr.


As the VP of Wolverine Builders, Tom Couch has a vast knowledge of all aspects of the Commercial Construction, Real Estate and Development industries.

Prior to joining Wolverine, he started and owned Couch & Associates in 1989 (New Mexico).

Couch has spent the last 22 years in the Construction, Development and Real Estate
business because it is his true passion.


His experience is extensive and includes development projects from office, industrial, medical office, restaurants and retail. Owner/operator of multi-family developments and owner/leasing manager of office /retail properties located in many states. He has been involved in more than $300 million dollars in construction, development projects and real estate transactions.

After relocating to Arizona in 2006, Couch successfully translated his experience, knowledge, and passion for the real estate development and construction industry by joining Wolverine Builders. Tom systematically dissects the challenges that lay ahead on any project. His well-rounded knowledge base and common-sense approach to business proves to be a significant assetto his clients and allows him to be a true ‘consultant’ assisting them through every aspect of the process.

James "Jimmy" Kimmel


As the Founder and President of Wolverine Builders, Inc.  Jimmy continues to stay, personally in touch with each
and every project through the group of experts he has assembled to be “Team Wolverine”. 


Jimmy moved to the Phoenix Valley in 2006 with his wife, Carrie (Office Manager) from Grand Rapids, Michigan where he grew up working in the construction and metal fabrication industry. Jimmy’s determined and unwavering work ethic shows in every aspect of the Wolverine Builders 

“Team” approach. 

His vast “toolbox” of knowledge and experience includes a well rounded blend of commercial construction, business, and interpersonal skills that help draw the best out of each and every member of every “Wolverine Builders Team”
he assembles and hand picks for each new project. 

This works to the advantage of Wolverine’s many repeat customers. These customers include every type of business from Surgical Centers, Office and Medical Office clients to Retail, Industrial, Restaurants, etc.

Time and time again Jimmy leads the Wolverine Builders Team to successful project completion. “On time and On Budget!”

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